With Quadblaster, Peter Birch is hoping to capture the essence of retro arcade shooters like Asteroids and Robotron, and Xbox Live's Geometry Wars.

He stands a chance of achieving that, if only because he used to sit next to the developer of Geometry Wars when working at Bizarre Creations.

Upon playing Quadblaster, you can immediately feel the gradual building of its intense gameplay. Like in Geometry Wars, you're confined to a static rectangular arena and are attacked by swarms of enemies that know no mercy.

The twin-stick controls have been translated to the touchscreen well. You tilt the device for movement, and swipe in one of four directions to send your deadly laser that way.

It's a simple change, and one that fits the game's minimalist look - it's all bold colours and circles.

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Enemies drop an orb upon death that you can collect to increase your multiplier. But that comes with the risk of running right into another enemy. If you touch them you die immediately.

Like the most engaging retro shooters, the friction is found between playing it safe to survive, and taking risks to get a bigger score. There is no time for hesitation.

For that reason, Quadshooter might be worth picking up when it arrives on iOS this Thursday. The achievements and leaderboards should keep score chasers busy.