All I want to do is destroy the world. Which would explain why I've been relentlessly playing Magnetoid despite being quite terrible at it.

This frantic endless vertical runner is a devious little delight.

You aid in bringing about the end of the world by guiding a robot up an endless shaft. As you rise, humanity and its cities can be seen writhing in chaos in the background.

That's not the only chaos on-screen, though. You're tasked with tapping the screen to flip the polarities of the magnets that pull the robot to either side of the shaft.

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There are obstacles that will destroy your robot upon contact. And the shaft will narrow and bend in places, forcing you to react fast to pass through safely.

You'll also want to collect the green batteries that charge up your boost. Once filled, you can swipe to zoom upwards.

It means you'll build up a bigger score quicker but it's a big risk if you can't keep up with the contours of the shaft.

Magnetoid may have a retro look but it feels as fresh as any decent mobile runner. You can pick it up for free on Google Play right now.