We're back again with the weekly Pocket Gamer Podcast in its most raw and uncut form live on Twitch today.

Get set, then, for an audio and visual feast full of this week's biggest news stories and latest games.

Peter's off today, so in his stead expect special guests in the shape of Harry Slater and, well, me. Be nice. It's my first time, you know!

We'll be monitoring the chat room as per usual, so please say 'hello' and wave back at us. We love to hear from our regulars AND any and all newcomers.

You can join us all live on our Twitch channel from 5pm BST / 9am PDT. Drop by on the dot for a wee bit of banter if you can. Oh, and please follow us on Twitch if you'd like a notification when we go live every weekday.