Lots of mobile racing games allow you to compete for fame and fortune. Very few, however, allow you to race for pink slips and take your opponents' favourite cars.

Racing Rivals does.

Cie Games has been developing racing titles since 2001, and Racing Rivals is the studio's fourth title to date. It's also one of the Top Grossing racing games on the App Store (with over 5 million installs).

In Racing Rivals, then, you compete against other budding racers from around the globe in live multiplayer drag matches using cars from manufacturers like BMW, Mitsubishi, Subaru, and Dodge.

Naturally, you can customise and upgrade all of the game's vehicles using hundreds of authentic racing parts, such as air filters and NOS.

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Racing Rivals accelerated onto Google Play for Android devices today, and is also available for iPhone and iPad.

The game features cross-platform live multiplayer capabilities, so you can compete against your friends and enemies regardless of their mobile gadgets of choice.

Because you're facing off against real opponents and not just top times stored in the cloud, you can race ten times and get a different outcome every time, meaning gameplay shouldn't become repetitive.

You can download Racing Rivals from the App Store [download] and Google Play [download] right now.