The latest PC and Android Humble Bundle is stuffed full of strange, brilliant, and quirky games, and you can bag them all for less than the price of Daikatana on Steam.

As usual the bundle is split in two. There are three games you can nab for anything you want but to bag the rest you need to pay over the average, which is currently $4.87.

Bear in mind that as well as getting the Android versions of the games you'll get the PC versions as well. And some soundtracks on top of that.

The three you can get for a penny upwards are currently-in-beta musical shooter Symphony, Webby award winner Draw a Stickamn: Epic, and Bronze Award-winning planet smasher Galcon Legends.

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Pay over the odds and you'll get Silver Award-winning cartoon strategy battler Skulls of the Shogun, and Bronze Award-winning classic 2D platform shooter Metal Slug 3. Then there's Silver Award-winning tower defence subverter Fieldrunners 2, and Bronze Award-winning precise tactical blaster Breach & Clear.

That's a great mix of games for hardly any money at all. And because the Humble Bundle likes to keep giving, there are more games to be added as well.

If any of that sounds like a good reason to throw less than five quid of your cash down, then head on over to the Humble Bundle site right now and do just that.

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