Every so often, I'm reminded of the advice my college fencing coach gave us at the beginning of one semester.

"You don't need to be flashy to win, hell - you don't even need to change what you're doing. If something works, and it scores a point, keeping doing it until it doesn't work. Then change what you're doing."
That's paraphrased somewhat, and you can picture him barking out a la Vince Lombardi or Tom Landry if you'd like, but the advice seems rather timely given the revolutionary nature of Real Racing 3's in-app purchase code giveaway.

Discovery on the App Store is a tricky business, as most of us know, and what worked to get a game discovered twelve months ago almost certainly won't hold up in 2014's marketplace. That's why it might be time for us to change what we’re doing - assuming, of course, that Apple gives all of us the tools to do so.

But let's not let that distract us from why we're here. We're not looking ahead in this column, we're looking back at the past seven days to give you a rundown of the stories you might have missed in the Pocket Gamer Biz Week that Was.

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