This week's podcast is sponsored by rage. The kind of rage that arises from seeing a universally beloved game like Peggle supplanted by a god-awful free-to-play imposter.

Though this new version of PopCap's pachinko masterpiece has only been launched on the New Zealand App Store (and is reportedly just an experiment on behalf of EA and co.), seeing the classic game defaced in such a sloppy fashion is enough to get my and Peter's blood boiling for a good 15 minutes.

Having vented our anger, we move on to more positive things - namely, the new releases. I take a particular shine to ball puzzler Globosome: Path of the Swarm, and we both get excited about monochromatic comic book-cum-futuristic racer SXPD: The Rookie.

Finally, we take a look at the Nvidia Shield ports of Half-Life 2 and Portal. Oh, and I see whether or not Atari's Alone in the Dark is still fun 22 years later.

Spoiler: it really isn't.

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