Time is limited. Apps are plentiful. How can you make sense of the ever-increasing number of new games in the App Store?

Well, by reading Pocket Gamer, of course. But we can't possibly cover everything, and there are some games that just don't fit in our wheelhouse. Thankfully, our friends over at 148Apps are here to save the day.

Take a look at some of the casual games that have caught the attention of the 148Apps team...

Final Flight of the Perseus
By Third Party Ninjas


"Final Flight of the Perseus is a simple but entertaining space shooter. However, the dark ships on the dark backgrounds make the action difficult to see at times." (Nadia Oxford)

Mr. Jack Pocket
By Meeple Touch


"Mr. Jack Pocket's simplicity in design and elegance in presentation make this board game adaptation a natural fit for the iOS." (Andrew Fisher)

By No Six Five


"Compete with friends in this fun Scrabble-type word game with a difference." (Jennifer Allen)

PES Manager
By Konami


"Find some soccer management games too in-depth? PES Manager might be just what you're after." (Jennifer Allen)

Dragons: Rise of Berk
By Ludia


"Build a village and raise some dragons in the formulaic Dragons: Rise of Berk." (Jennifer Allen)

By Timi Koponeny


"RYO's simple puzzles create a rainbow of complex colors." (Jordan Minor)

Devil Hunters - Dark Adventure of Heroes
By Beijing Bewinner Communications


"Hack and slash is the name of the game, minus a few key ingredients." (Blake Grundman)

10 More Bullets
By Michel Gerard


"Use bullets conservatively to rack up the most points in this fun but short lived game." (Jennifer Allen)

Neighbourhood Necromancer
By Choice of Games


"Just when you thought it was safe to venture outside, a teenager gains control over the undead." (Blake Grundman)

By Sweet Roll Studio


"Galactikitties, while cute in concept, is proof that not everything in the world can be made better just by sticking cats in it." (Rob Thomas)

All this, plus Carter Dotson previews Bubble Witch Saga 2, then interviews Phil Hassey about Dynamite Jack 2.

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