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The penultimate episode of fairy tale-meets-film noir-meets-'80s crime drama The Wolf Among Us will go live on iOS next week.

Episode 4, named In Sheep's Clothing, will see a bloodied and bruised Bigby turn his attention away from the individual murders, and towards the wider Fabletown conspiracy.

The iOS app will be updated on May 29th, where the episode will be available to season pass holders or as a one-off £2.99 / $4.99 purchase.

We've been following along all season with reviews. We called Episode 1 a "bold and confident start", but said Episode 2 "isn't as well written or sharply plotted as the pilot, and your choices feel more hollow than ever".

And while I was down on Episode 3, I said that "I'll keep playing, because shaping Bigby's character is fun; because the new characters are often interesting; and because as drawn-out and unsatisfying as it has been so far, I still want to find out who the murderer is".

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