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Chair's hack 'n' slash saga Infinity Blade III has just received a big price cut. Chair has also rolled out a bumper update for it that contains new weapons, familiar faces, and bonus features for beginners.

In the Blade Masters update, you'll meet a deathless named the Collector, who wants to acquire the finest weapons ever crafted. And you'll get to face off against Ryth, a Solar Trans blade-wielding baddy from Infinity Blade II.

There's a new trainer feature so you can refine your technique by battling with a robot. Chair has also introduced new beginners tournaments for greenhorn players to compete against other newbies who also suck.

Furthermore, you can customise the colour of Siris's and Isa's armour; select a personal animation; and, yes, you can even take a selfie. Though, sadly, no groufies in this update.

An infinite amount of stuff

There is also a new goal chase feature. And you can compare progress with MyMob friends. Plus, you can now master items up to level 50, which is nice.

This monster update also boasts four new treasure maps; six new enemies; over 25 new items (including the lightsaber-esque Solar Trans weapons); new goals and achievements; and the usual balancing tweaks and bug fixes.

To celebrate the launch of this gigantic update, you can get Infinity Blade III for half price (at £1.99 / $2.99).

We gave this game a Bronze Award. We said: "With Infinity Blade III, Chair turns the thrilling sword-fighting series into a huge adventure. The reliance on frequent deaths and forced grinding, however, is an infuriating relic from previous games."

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