Brazil's still struggling to get the Itaquerao stadium finished in time for the World Cup opener in a few weeks, but FIFA 14 is already ready for the Cup to commence.

In a Tuesday update, the Bronze Award-winning FIFA 14 has added officially licensed World Cup Brazil national teams and kits for players to field and marvel at.

Those with affinities for multicolour spheroids will also be happy with the FIFA 14 World Cup update, as it adds the option to put the boot to the eye-catching Adidas Brazuca ball.

What's more, players can take these national teams on the road and compete in all-new Matches of the Week to show off their national pride on the world's biggest stage.

In our review of the free-to-play FIFA 14, we noted that its "core action hasn't really moved forward sufficiently from FIFA 13," but quickly added, "that still means that it's a more-than-competent kick-about."

If you'd like to take it out for a spin, you can download it to your iOS or Android device of choice for free today.

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