Swipecart is a new physics-based racing game that takes place in a world in which extreme minecart racing exists and is a highly popular sport.

You take on the role of an upcoming racer and attempt to rise through the ranks. Maybe, one day, you'll be the top minecart racer there is.

Oddly, you don't race against opponents directly. Instead, you take it in turns to get across a track in the quickest time possible.

You do this by swiping the cart back and forth to gain speed before crossing the start line. Once you pass the line, you can no longer accelerate. You can, however, touch the screen to brake.

The key to success is learning the tracks and reaching the ample speed needed to travel up ramps and jump across gaps.

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If you apply too much speed, then you risk your cart overheating and becoming disabled. You'll then struggle to brake in time for the finishing line.

The need to get the balance right makes this a fairly compelling exercise.

With the gold you acquire for scoring well, you're able to customise your character, including the expected Indiana Jones-alike outfit.

Swipecart has 60 official tracks for you to race across. But you are able to create your own tracks, as well as download more created by other players.

You can purchase Swipecart for £1.49 / $1.99 from the App Store [buy], and for £1.08 / $1.99 from Google Play [buy].