German developer Navel has just got in touch to let us know that its action-adventure Globosome: Path of the Swarm will be available on iOS on May 22nd.

We were also able to get hands-on with this intriguing and wonderful game.

Globosome has you co-ordinating swarms of globos - dark spherical beings - to accomplish tasks as a group. You can use the default tilt controls - which work well - or use a gamepad or touchscreen.

Feed... me... more

Each level will start you with just one globo. To acquire more, you'll have to feed on plants to grow more chirping friends.

Obstacles such as large trees that stand in the way require you to have a certain number of globos to pass. So, it's important to not lose any globos as you traverse dangerous jungles, dark ravines, and steep cliffsides.

There are optional missions - such as planting a seed to grow a flower - in each level. One level caused a few deaths 'thanks' to its series of dodgy jumps across a bottomless pit in a dark cave.

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With progress comes new abilities. These include greater leaps and increased strength.

Replaying levels with these newly unlocked abilities means you can reach new ledges and push heavy boulders. Going this extra mile will mean you discover more about the origin of the globos.

Globosome's soundtrack needs a mention here: it incites wonder at every moment. It helps that the environments consist of alien flora, encouraging you to act on your curiosity.

Globosome proves to be a pleasant surprise, then. It'll cost you £1.99 / $2.99 when it surfaces on iOS on May 22nd. Find out more information about it on its website.