Game Oven has confirmed that it's had to delay the release of Bounden on Android. It will still be heading to iOS on May 21st, however.

The reason for the delay on Android is revealed in the Vine below.

What you can see is a variety of Android devices running the same compass app. All of them are supposedly pointing north. 'Supposedly' being the operative word here.

Bounden uses these sensors to drive its gameplay. So, their being inconsistent and unreliable across Android devices means a lot of testing is required before Game Oven can release the game on the platform.

"The response I got to the Vine was enormous, lots of developers recognized the problem," Game Oven producer Eline Muijres said.

"With Bounden, we're using every sensor there is, pushing the device to its limits - we can't predict if the game is gonna work."

One step at a time

It's for this reason that Game Oven is asking Android players to help the studio test as many different phones and tablets as possible.

If you want to help playtest Bounden on Android, then you should send an email to [email protected]. You'll receive a build of the game and be asked for feedback.

Bounden surprised us at GDC with its gyroscopic dancing. Two players hold the smartphone with one thumb on the screen each.

Players then need to rotate and spin the sphere in the middle to reach circles, which translate into dance steps. It's elegant... and unlike any other game out there.

If you're an iOS player, you'll be able to pick up Bounden on May 21st.

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