Oily spines protrude from the hideous creatures in Biosis. Their viscous webs of black tendons hang between platforms.

Throw in a few snapping jaws and Biosis is beginning to rival the fascinating yet hostile ecosystem of the Oddworld series.

Even better, though: you're required here to interact with all of these creatures to progress.

Biosis is an action-puzzler, and is the first game from Ukrainian 2D artist and illustrator Konstantin Salanda. I shouldn't need to mention his visual flair, mind - just look at the screenshots in the top-right corner.

The Biosis story starts with a tragedy, as the plasma being at the heart of the story and his lover are attacked. Without plasma, they remain in limbo. This is where you come in.

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In each level, you have to use the creatures present to transport the plasma beings to the exit portal. There are also three blobs of plasma you can collect for an extra challenge.

You'll start off by activating magnetic monsters with taps that attract the plasma being. If you flick them, they'll get angry and repel everything.

This is just the start. Later on, different creatures with which you can play around surface. With their 'help', you'll be solving the various movement-based puzzles in no time.

Biosis will go live on the UK and US App Stores at midnight tonight. You'll be able to purchase it for £1.49 / $1.99.