10tons Ltd took to the PlayStation Blog to announce that it's bringing the casual-friendly puzzler Sparkle 2 to the PS4 and PS Vita next week.

Arriving in the US on May 20 and Europe on May 21, Sparkle 2 takes the familiar, Zuma-esque gameplay of a match-three marble shooter and adds a hefty dose of modern polish to it.

That should be pretty clear from the graphics in the screenshot above, but you can really appreciate the visuals in the video below.

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This isn't the first we've heard of Sparkle 2, incidentally.

We reviewed its iPad release last June and found that it was "a simple, inoffensive little puzzle game that the dedicated could happily sink a few hours into".

It's not the most mind-blowing concept for a puzzler, however, and so as long as you manage your expectations and focus on the oohs and ahhs of the PS Vita's visuals you should get along just fine with it when it hits the PSN in a couple of days.

The US release of Sparkle 2's priced at $7.99, and while we don't have a price for Europe just yet we expect it to come in somewhere around £5.50 or so.

10tons notes that Sparkle 2 will be a Cross Buy tittle, and it's putting a free demo of the game up on the PSN as well.