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Here's that bit of news that we've all been waiting for. Portal is finally set to hit the Nvidia Shield on May 12th.

What do you mean you have no idea what the Nvidia Shield is? It's that foldy Android-powered handheld that you can play PC games on if you're close enough to your PC to establish a wireless connection.

And now a game that came out in 2007 is set to be released for it. Granted, it's a brilliant game, but I'm pretty sure everyone in the world has played Portal now. I have. Twice.

Play Store facility

Perhaps the most interesting bit of this lump of news is that Portal is being released on the Google Play Store.

It won't be available on any none-Shield things, but I guess there's a slim chance we might get some Source games hitting other Android handsets in the not too distant future.

Imagine multiplayer Team Fortress 2 on the bus. Half-Life 2 on the toilet. Left 4 Dead while actually hiding behind a sofa. We can dream. We can all dream.


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