The Major League Baseball season is well underway and - surprisingly - the Mets aren't at the absolute bottom of their division (yet).

Equally surprising is the fact that Gamevil's officially licensed baseball sim MLB Perfect Inning sneaked its way onto Google Play and the App Store a few days ahead of schedule.

Featuring all 30 MLB teams and a roster of 215 "distinctly modeled" players, you'll be able to build, manage, and field the team of your dreams.

Naturally, because this is a sports sim, that means you'll need to level up each player's skills and stats individually - but you can always trade them away if they get a bit pokey towards the middle of the season.

MLB Perfect Inning also offers a bunch of gameplay options to suit your individual playstyle. If you like managing your team but don't enjoy playing, you can switch on AI mode and watch the games play out automatically.

On the other hand, if you're a control freak you can use Full Play to play through each game manually.

Other options like Chance Play (take over from the AI at crucial moments) or Full Attack (play offense only) makes this a baseball game that's likely to appeal to a great many fans.

If you think this sounds too good to fit into a tiny, 50MB profile - you'd be absolutely correct. Gamevil notes that you'll need a full 1.2GB of free space on your device to install this one.