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Lumena is a rhythm game by way of Super Hexagon. A twitchy, minimalist, ultra hard arcade game that will test your reflexes, memory, and rhythm.

The idea is to fling a ball at the neon ring on the outskirts of the screen, but you must only aim at the segments that are lit up. Throw the ball at an unlit bar and the glass will shatter, which resets your score.

It's all about rapidly recognising the pattern of the light bars, and responding quickly with a well-placed fling. And then you'll have to deal with multiple colours, and other challenges.


It's unabashedly hard. Like get game over every few nanoseconds hard. Like practice for hours before you master the first level hard. But it feels pretty damn good when you do well.

There are a bunch of levels, and each one is scored by electro outfit Modbom. Naturally, you've got Game Center leaderboards for each stage.

Lumena is out on the App Store on Thursday and it will cost £1.49 / $1.99 at launch, before going up to £1.99 / $2.99. We'll have a review soon.