Are you the sort of hopeless nostalgic who reckons video games were better when they were painted in four shades of green, and misses the acidic smell of double A batteries?

If so, publisher Crescent Moon has got just the iOS game for you.

2-bit Cowboy is a Western-themed platformer, from Cavorite developer Cascadia Games, that looks like it should have originally come out in 1989.

You play as a gold-obsessed sheriff who takes time off from exploring levels to find money, collect rewards from wanted posters, and even gamble in casinos.

All this dosh is used to customise your cowboy (or cowgirl) with different hats, masks, belts, and accessories. You can buy more coins with real-world cash, if you're so inclined.

2 bit Cowboy

These itty-bitty Mega Man-style levels also feature horses you can ride, a wild bull you can tame, and underground mines with the requisite mine carts that must feature in every retro video, as per the Donkey Kong Country law of 1994.

2-bit Cowboy is out on iOS on Thursday, and it will cost 69p / 99c. It also has gamepad support if you've got a GameDock, iCade, or iOS 7 controller.

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