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Bridge Constructor Medieval
By Headup Games - buy on Android (£1.49 / $1.99)

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An old fashioned Silver Award-winning sequel that sees you bodging together bridges from wood and stone to transport troops and goods to your castle.

It builds on the template laid down by the original, but adds some variety to proceedings. As well as making sure the road crossing the ravine is solid, you'll need to add roofs to your constructions to protect from catapult fire.

And later on you'll be putting in traps in an attempt to stop an advancing enemy army. If you're a fan of the original then this historical throwback is well worth a long hard look.

Metal Slug Defense
By SNK Playmore - download on Android (free)

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A tower defence game set in the gorgeous 2D world of the Metal Slug games, Metal Slug Defense probably shouldn't work quite as well as it does.

You send out different units, each with a unique special attack, to smash up your opponent's base. There's a bit of deck building that lets you tweak your line up of heroes, and you can upgrade each unit with cash you earn.

Throw in some local multiplayer and you're left with a weighty package of surprisingly deep gameplay that might just surprise you.

By Samurai Punk - buy on Android (559 / 99c)

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A slightly bizarre mash-up of Tetris and an endless-runner, Hazumino sees you pelting down a roadway that you're also building by slotting together horizontal Tetrominoes.

While you're puzzling away on one side of the screen, you're platforming on the other, leaping around the lumpy path you've built to try and collect coins.

It's not perfectly smooth, but the unique idea bubbling away at the core of the game, and a sharp-edged compulsion loop, mean there's a lot to enjoy here.

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