If you're a fan of space exploration simulator FTL: Faster Than Light on iPad, you might want to look away now.

During a recent chat with our sister site PocketGamer.biz, Subset Games, the FTL developer suggested that it may never develop for mobile again, before delivering a similarly dispiriting blow to hopes of a sequel.

Justin Ma, one half of Subset's two-man team, said, "iOS devices aren't really a platform we like developing on or designing for, we're really PC guys at heart.

"If we create another game that seems like it could work well on the platform, we will certainly consider bringing it to tablets.

"However, I doubt we'll start a project with touchscreens in mind."

Ma also revealed that while an FTL sequel isn't out of the question, it's incredibly unlikely.

"I wouldn't entirely discount the possibility," said Ma, "but it's definitely not something we'll be diving into any time soon."