In case you missed the chance to pick up a great racing game for the price of an idle thought, Ridge Racer Slipstream is free again on iOS.

Of course, there's a caveat or two to this deal.

For starters, Ridge Racer Slipstream is a gorgeous game with amazing graphics - which means you'll need a more modern iOS device to run it.

Also, it'll eat up about 610MB of space on that device so you might want to clear up some room first.

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In our review of Ridge Racer Slipstream, we noted - with some measure of effusive glee - that "What's most remarkable is that Ridge Racer Slipstream FEELS like a full Ridge Racer game. You know how many other smartphone racers handle great... for smartphone racers? Not here. This is the real deal."

And while there are IAPs on offer, we also were happy to report that "you should be able to afford a car in the next class without having to go back and repeat yourself," - assuming, of course, that you play in a patient, methodical manner.

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