The Holy Hand Grenade distils competitive gaming into a short and sharp single game experience.

Hold your finger down on a holy hand grenade until it's charged (indicated by the screen flashing) and then let go before it blows up.

It's a test of your reactions, and it's framed by a last person standing match. You can grab a bunch of Facebook friends or enter a global match, and see how long you can last here.

Each round is held daily. And the time you get to react before the hand grenade blows up is reduced every time. Eventually, you will fail. Well, unless everyone else does before you.

The Holy Hand Grenade

Luckily, there is a practice mode, so you can test out your reaction skills before entering the competition.

There are also unlockable achievements to unlock. Given their association with the seven deadly sins, though, you're told not to get them. I wonder what would happen if...

Anyway. If you want to try The Holy Hand Grenade out, you can download it for iOS right now.