Sulake isn't messing around with tie-in mobile games any more. This time, you see, it's porting the original Habbo experience to iPad.

You may recall that Sulake previously introduced us to its virtual world and social networking service Habbo in the Silver Award-winning Habbo Dreams.

There was also that strange alien monkey platformer Niko.

But the free-to-play Habbo on iPad enables you to erect new buildings and buildings erected by others in private and public spaces. You'll also be able to customise your avatar, meet other players, and partake in daily competitions for prizes.


It's the Habbo that has been available on PC since 2000, then.

Currently, Habbo is only available in limited form for iPad in Canada. But Sulake did say that it will be launching it in other countries very soon, with more features added each time.

We'll let you know when Habbo becomes more widely available. For now, though, if you reside in Canada, grab Habbo right this second for free.

For more information on Habbo or to join in the fun for free on PC, head over to its website.