The day that Kemco stops releasing old-school RPGs is the day the world will end.

Another called RPG Fortuna Magus has just hit the App Store, you see. It's available for £1.99 / $2.99 (instead of £5.49 / $7.99) for a limited time, too.

It seems to boast everything you'd expect from Kemco: turn-based combat, a story that stretches on for hours, and levelling-up your party.

RPG Fortuna Magus

The story starts with three siblings called Amane, Tia, and Lill, who are left to fend for themselves when their father Kalius goes missing.

Wind forward to ten years later, and Amane and Tia defend the honour of a magus called Ret, which means they have to go on the run. Magic is outlawed in their land, after all.

If you want to find out what happens next, go purchase RPG Fortuna Magus from the App Store [buy] right now. If you own an Android device and like the sound of this one, by the way, download it via this link.