Guild of Dungeoneering doesn't let you play as the hero. Nor are you the villain, like in Dungeon Keeper.

Instead, this is a game about laying out a safe path for the adventurer that enters the underground. It's a bit like Ernesto RPG, then.

You have to place each room, enemy, trap, and treasure for the hero to pass through. It's a bit like a puzzle game, then, in that you have to place each component in the right order to make sure the hero gets through safely.

You'll need your hero to fight enemies to become stronger and take on the tougher enemies. Your hero will also need to avoid traps and pick up items to survive.

The hero, however, is controlled by AI, so it's up to you to learn how the adventurer behaves and design a dungeon accordingly.

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As you can tell from the trailer above, Guild of Dungeoneering is quite a light-hearted affair. This is evident from the drawing pad-style art and the feeble main character (who exists as a jokey subversion of the typical burly hero).

At the moment, Guild of Dungeoneering is in alpha state, and is slated for PC, Mac, and Linux.

The game's developer, Colm Larkin, will be considering releasing it on other platforms after the initial launch, though. These potential target platforms include iPad and Android tablets.

If you want, by the way, you can play the current alpha version of Guild of Dungeoneering in your browser.

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