Kemco JRPG. Spiky hair. Angsty protagonist. Terrible evil threatening the world.

Oh, wait a minute, this one looks a bit like Pokémon? And one of the monsters is a podgy dog with a massive face?

And there's a monster that's a tank even though that doesn't make any sense? Okay, I'm on board.

Band of Monsters is the latest JRPG from the publisher, and it takes its cues from the same 90's 16bit JRPGs as the rest of the company's output, but mixes in a bit of Pokémon's gotta catch 'em all ethic for good measure.

You're still stomping around a 2D world, fighting random battles, and engaging in the sort of dialogue-heavy cut scenes that make your eyes bleed with their inanity. But this time you're collecting monsters too.

Here's a trailer. Watch out for the tank.

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The game follows a young monster tamer called Zara who meets a mysterious young girl called The Pendulum, and goes on adventures that involve beast whomping, gene splicing, and monster tuning.

And on top of the single player campaign there are online battles as well, so you can pit your podgy faced dog against someone else's podgy faced dog and see who comes out on top.

Band of Monsters is available right now from the Google Play Store for the introductory price of £3.99 / $3.99. So you should go get it if you want it.