The hotly anticipated Clan Wars update for strategic juggernaut Clash of Clans has just gone live on iOS.

This huge feature bump lets entire clans go toe-to-toe in large scale battles for bonus loot. Battles will take place over two days - one for preparation and one for battle - and you do battle with special 'war bases', rather than in your own village.

As such, you can participate in clan wars at no risk to your resources (or your shield or trophies collection). But if your clan wins, or you make a successful attack during a clan war, you'll get bonus booty. All win, no lose.

Other new features in this update include level 6 clan castles, the return of the gem box, and various interface and balance tweaks. You can see all the patch notes over at the Supercell forum.

It should be available on Android sometime later today.

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