Wizards conjure up their mightiest potions within the mysterious and mischievous confinements of the Spell Factory.

Spells are used in battle to weaken your enemy's village defenses and once used have to be created again.

However, their benefit can be significant in helping you conquer your adversary and they should therefore not be overlooked - a healthy attack strategy will often include the use of Spells. You can find out more about the Spells themselves in the Troops, Heroes, and Spells section.

Level Hit Points Spell Unlocked Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Town Hall Level Required Spell Capacity
1 200 Lightning 200,000 1d 5 1
2 300 Healing 400,000 2d 6 2
3 400 Rage 800,000 4d 7 3
4 500 Jump 1,600,000 5d 9 4
5 600 Freeze 3,200,000 6d 10 5