Puzzle & Dragons is poised to receive not one but two cross-franchise collaborations this week.

Following the successful Clash of Clans and Batman: Arkham Origins tie-ins, GungHo's announced a Ragnarok Odyssey ACE collaboration and a Freak Tower, Princess Punt, and Emil Chronicle Online (ECO) tie-in.

That last one sounds like a mouthful - but it's actually a celebration of three of GungHo's earlier games that haven't enjoyed the breakout success of Puzzle & Dragons.

Freak Tower will be championed by Crazy Cathy, while Princess Punt will send over Jelly's Angel, Kite, and Balloons Penguins (Princess Anne Punt Quettebuss was not mentioned, unfortunately).

Emil Chronicle Online - one of GungHo's earlier MMO projects - will add Salamander, Shabo, and their evolved Alma forms to the Bronze-Award winning puzzler.

Jelly's Angel from the Princess Punt collaboration

The Ragnarok Odyssey Ace collaboration, which coincides with the release of the action-packed Vita RPG, will add Poring, Poporing, Marin, Angeling, Develing, Domovoi, Grendell and Hrungnir to the already populous world of Puzzle & Dragons.

GungHo's collaboration runs from March 31 to April 6, while the Ragnarok Odyssey Ace begins on April 1.