Aksys Games has announced that its localisation of Acquire's dungeon-crawling RPG Mind Zero will come to North America on May 27 and will hit Europe a day later.

In Mind Zero, you play as Kei - a high school student who forms a contract with a rare gift for summoning MINDs. Like the Personas in Atlus’ award-winning Persona franchise, these MINDs are super-powerful beings that can easily turn the tide of battle.

Unfortunately for Kei, the government and other shadowy forces have caught onto his MIND summoning abilities and so he and his friends must avoid them while learning to control their MINDs.

Worse yet, it's not quite clear if the MINDs are really out to help Kei or if they're manipulating him for their own ends.

Mind Zero will cost $39.99 (~£24.00) when it launches in May. More information on the game can be found on its official site.

If you're not in a reading mood, you can check out the trailer below instead.

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