That's it - turn off the lights.

On the same day that we post about a blog entry by Threes! developer Asher Vollmer on the development and extensive cloning of his game, the Worst Clone of All shows up on the App Store.

Flappy2048 is a supposed combination of Flappy Bird, Threes!, and Threes! 'homage' 2048.

Just look at this thing (image below). You have to flap the tiles to create 2048, apparently. It's absurd.


We're not linking to it for obvious reasons. But it's a potent illustration of just how rife cloning is on the App Store.

Now we've all been stunned by this clone, how about you go purchase and play Threes!? It's a Gold Award winner, and easily worth the £1.49 / $1.99 asking price.

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