Just a fortnight ago, we told you that you could pre-register for an upcoming free-to-play MMORPG called Chaos Fighters, and earn yourself some exclusive in-game items when it hit the App Store.

Thanks to this pre-registration process, Chaos Fighters, which is now available globally for both the iPhone and iPad, has done quite well since its release.

Chaos Fighters (the world's first character-switching mobile MMORPG) shot up the App Store charts late last week. By Friday, it was ranked in the top ten free apps on Apple's digital marketplace in the US.

In fact, it was ranked fifth overall in the Free Apps Chart on the US App Store, a slightly higher fourth in the Free Games Chart, and an even higher third in the US chart for action games.

Furthermore, Chaos Fighters has managed to punch and kick its way through its competition and is currently sitting pretty at the very top of the US charts for adventure games.

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If you want to check out Chaos Fighters for yourself, head on over to the App Store and grab it [download] right now. It's free, after all.

Chaos Fighters will also be available to download from Google Play and the Amazon Appstore "soon".