With the Silver Award-winning PUK, Laser Dog Games proved it knew how to craft an enticing action-arcade experience.

Sticking to its strengths, Laser Dog's next iOS and Android game is Alone.

It features a re-entry vessel hurtling through the claustrophobic caves that stretch across entire planets.

Your task is to slide the ship up and down to avoid the rocky outcrops and stalactites that will kill you instantly upon touch.

Watch the trailer below to get a sense of Alone's high-speed gameplay.

It's an intense game, sure, but there are levels in between the planets in open space where you can take a breather. There will be unique challenges to complete here, too.

Apparently, Alone will also tell a story about the isolation of space as you go about your journey.

Laser Dog reckons that Alone will surface on iOS and Android on June 26th. It should be priced £1.99 / $2.99. Look out for more teasers on the game's website.