Our sister site PocketGamer.biz has spoken to Milkbag Games, the Candian developer behind the recent indie iOS hit 'Disco Zoo'.

Disco Zoo is a zoo simulator in which you travel to various locales around the world to collect animals while managing the day-to-day business of your personal menagerie.

The most exciting part about Disco Zoo is that you can throw disco parties which will get your cute pixel animals and visitors grooving to the beat.

Speaking to PocketGamer.biz, Matt Rix, developer at Milkbag said that "we wanted to make a game that was simple and straightforward as possible."

"There are lots of complex, management-style F2P games out there, but we felt that there weren't a whole lot that were super easy to pick up like Disco Zoo."

Rix continues: "The idea of animals dancing all the time seemed fun and gave us a great theme for the game".

You can find out much more about Disco Zoo, how it was made, and what the guys at Milkbag are really like by reading the full 'Making Of Disco Zoo' at our sister site PocketGamer.biz.