Nintendo has decided the time is right to turn off a lot of the internet functionality of the DS and Wii, including online play and leaderboards.

This also means that a lot of free DLC will be going the way of the Dodo come May 20th.

There are a load of great games for the DS and DSi that offer extra content for nothing, so now is the perfect time to snaffle it up before The Big N pulls the plug.

Some of the big hitters involved in this 'switch off' are Pokemon Black & White, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Dragon Quest IX, and all of the Professor Layton games on DS / DSi.

Handily, the lovely forum folks over at NeoGAF have been compiling a massive list of games that are going to be affected by the forthcoming disconnection. So, if you're wondering whether there's anything free you should be nabbing, go check it out.