According to developer, Evolution: Battle for Utopia has "one of the most expansive and action-packed worlds in mobile gaming history".

When it surfaces on iOS, you'll be able to explore and chart this apparently vast sci-fi world.

At first, then, you'll find a barren patch of land, build your base, place defences, and generate units.

But Evolution: Battle for Utopia isn't just a traditional isometric RTS. When in battle with alien executioners and indigenous creatures, you see, you can do so on foot.

In these scenarios, you'll play the game from a third-person perspective. There'll also be a combat system that turns taps into targeting, and responding to, enemy movements.

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Not stopping there, has fleshed out Evolution: Battle for Utopia's world with a story you can follow. The characters you meet will take you on a journey to discover what lies beneath the ashes of this ruined planet.

Evolution: Battle for Utopia's mix of genres, intriguing story, and impressive visuals has definitely caught our eye. We'll be looking out for this one on the App Store, mark my words.

You can find more information on Evolution: Battle for Utopia on its official website.