What's black, white, and red all over?

Aztez - that's what. Yep, it's time to get educated about Team Colorblind's debut beat-'em-up, for it'll be heading to Vita later this year.

Aztez is positively infused with Aztec culture. And being one of the empire's elite warriors, you do all the bloody work necessary to conquer neighbouring lands.

But it's not all slashes, thrusts, and counter-attacks. Aztez also places you in charge of the vast Aztec armies.

You view the action from above like in a typical turn-based strategy game, and you send units to invade and defend territories.


Once you've made those decisions, though, the action flips and you play as one of the infantry. Whether you win or lose, your actions in both parts of the game are reflected in the other.

You can look forward to playing this odd mix of genres on Vita later this year. You can find more information on Aztez on its website.