Telling someone to race the sun sounds like a homicide attempt.

In Flippfly's Race the Sun, however, the only way you're going to survive is by outpacing the sunset.

This fast-paced and very stylish game of dodging falling pillars and avoiding shadows will be heading to Vita, PS4, and PS3 this summer.

Originally a PC game, Race the Sun has you guiding a solar-powered craft at high speed across a desert full of hazards. Make one wrong move and you'll crash to your death.

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Luckily, death is required to progress in Race the Sun. To wit, you upgrade your craft between runs so that you can go for longer.

You'll also need to collect items strewn between the ramps and walls to slow the sun's steady setting. If you should let nightfall come, then your craft will run out of power.

Expect to be chasing high scores and trying to beat your friends' scores on your Vita this summer, then.