Thralled is a game about slavery in the 1700s that we've been looking forward to on iOS since last November.

We've since discovered, though, that it will now be an Ouya exclusive.

"Kellee Santiago, head of developer relations at Ouya, saw Thralled and gave us the chance to continue with development through financial support in exchange for Ouya exclusivity," Thralled developer Miguel Oliveira told us.

"We are very excited and extremely grateful to Ouya for providing us with the means to continue development."

We've embedded the new trailer for Thralled on Ouya below.

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Thralled follows a woman named Isaura from the Kongo, who is transported to Brazil to harvest sugar cane as a slave. She manages to escape and starts a desperate search for her lost child.

Thralled will be heading exclusively to Ouya in autumn 2014.