Being a superhero's a tough enough job, but what about if you woke up with amazing superpowers and no memory of who you are or how you got them?

That, we expect, would be way tougher - but thankfully Gree's given us a chance to get a handle on this situation with the new free-to-play RPG Rage of the Immortals.

Exclusive to Google Play, Rage of the Immortals pits players and their superheroes against the mustache-twistingly evil Hyperion, Inc. - a company that knows far more about how the amnesiac superheroes were created than it's letting on.

Did somebody say PvP?

Rage of the Immortals has around 200 different characters for players to unlock, recruit, and train as they create their own superhero dream team.

Once trained up with flashy skills, you can send these superheroes out to fight through 35 different PvE zones (each with five difficulty levels) and then use them to battle epic bosses or take part in PvP tournaments.

Of course, you can skip all that PvP stuff and concentrate on the story with Hyperion, Inc. instead.

No matter how you'd like to play, Rage of the Immortals has teams of forgetful superheroes waiting for you to tell them what to do.

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