Big Blue Bubble is mostly known for its Burn the Rope series, but today it showed a different side of itself by launching Finder's Keep.

This is a dungeon crawling RPG complete with the typical rat-killing tutorial. We would have never guessed this to be Big Blue Bubble's next game, but it's a pleasant surprise.

Finder's Keep lacks a story, but you probably won't notice this absence as the combination of levelling up, fighting monsters, and collecting loot will keep you busy.

Each floor you fight through sees you stepping into the unexpected, thanks to a thick blanket of heavy fog. You could happen across treasure or find yourself in a turn-based battle against a nasty creature.

You won't know until you walk forward.

Once you get to the end of the floor, you'll earn a key to unlock a chest and earn an item.

Finder's Keep

The item may be a new weapon or armour, or it could be broken down into dust, which is used to upgrade other items. Some items can be fused together to create new, more powerful results.

Finder's Keep shortens the risk-reward cycle of your typical dungeon crawler. It doesn't do anything fresh, but it's ideal for playing over short, intermittent sessions.

You can pick up Finder's Keep on the App Store for free. There are IAPs that offer ways to purchase items rather than stocking up on resources over time.