If there's one thing I can't get enough of, it's the apocalypse.

If there's an Armageddon going on, I am so there, waving my end-of-the-world flag and eating pop-goes-the-universe-corn.

Throw some dystopia and paranormal powers into the mix and I'm doing a delirious jig of miserable joy.

Which is why all of my 'yay' sensors are tingling in the direction of Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today, a grim looking point-and-click adventure we first mentioned back in February.

It's set to be an open-ish experience that sees you traversing a dark future populated by humans called The Dissolved, who have amazing powers but are heading for gruesome deaths.

Spanish studio Fictiorama is looking for $45,000 to get the show on the road. And to prove it's serious about things, it's loaded the game's Kickstarter page with GIFs.

If you like your sci-fi bleak and your funding crowd based, then Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today is certainly worth a look.

There's even a demo available you can try out to see if you like where the studio is heading with this game.

If all goes well and the funding numbers are met, then you can expect to see Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today on the App Store either in late 2014 or early 2015.