You can only access the Video Zapper at level 10, but once you do, it makes it super easy to share your world with friends.

When you've purchased the Video Zapper from the store, scroll to it in your Zapper wheel, then tap it. You can then choose Everyplay, My Videos, Latest Video, or Record.

Tap Record and immediately Everyplay begins recording your gameplay. Tap the Rec button near the bottom of the screen to stop, then name it something fun. Tap Share, and boom you've shared the video with the World Wide Web.

You might need to sign up for an Everyplay account first (if you haven't already), but once you have you can then view other people's videos on your phone, and share them on the net. Like this...

Once you've finished here, you can tap the Video Zapper again and browse your videos, look at your latest video, or jump to Everyplay to find more.

So now you know how to capture video, why not share yours with us? Leave us a comment with a link to yours and we'll show it off to the rest of the Community.

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