Remember that 'epic' Angry Birds tease we saw last week? It turns out it's way more epic than we could have imagined.

The new game in question, Angry Birds Epic, is actually an adventure RPG with turn-based combat.

Intriguingly, it'll also feature hidden endgame content and an "extensive" crafting system - both of which should set the hearts of MMO players aflutter.

While we're the first to admit that we did not see this coming, it shouldn’t be all that surprising given the trajectory of Angry Birds.

What started out as a simple app turned into a browser-based game, a sugary soda, a successful line of Chinese theme parks, and - most recently - a kart racer. So is Angry Birds Epic really that far outside of what Rovio's tried in the past?

Our gut instinct is to pick up our monocles which have, incidentally, fallen directly in our soup as we contemplate this news - but then, the old guard in PG HQ remembers being sceptical about Super Mario RPG and that certainly turned out alright.

Angry Birds Epic is soft-launching in Canada and Australia later this week, with the global release due out "later this spring". The final version will also be available on Android and Windows Phone 8.