Beat 'em up fans will be pleased to hear that developer Mediatonic has announced that it's bringing Foul Play to Vita soon.

Foul Play is quite an unusual beat 'em up. It's set during the Victorian era on a theatrical stage, you see.

What's being recreated on the stage is the adventures of the renown Daemonologist, Baron Dashforth. He's quite the eccentric, sporting a moustache, monocle, and a tiny top hat.

So rather than side-scrolling across a terrain, in Foul Play you move across a stage, beating up werewolves, cult members, and ghost pirates.

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The whole time you'll have to keep the audience's Mood-o-Meter up high with entertaining scenes, or you'll be booed off.

There's also a co-op option in which another player takes on the role of Dashforth's sidekick, Mr. Scampwick.

Mediatonic isn't ready to announce when we can expect Foul Play to bring its mix of punching and theatrical humour to the Vita (and PS4), but you can expect it soon enough.

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