You know the bit in action blockbusters where the main protagonist prepares for the challenge ahead via a suitably soundtracked training montage?

Well that moment is now.

Right now, the Pocket Gamer Awards 2014 are running increasingly faster on the beach, getting coconuts dropped on a perfect – and perfectly oiled – six-pack, and chasing a chicken around a courtyard to the rousing sound of a beat-heavy pop classic.

Because, right now, there are less than 24 hours to go before your chance to vote for this year's winners fades to black forever.

Voting closes 12pm GMT March 7th, at which point we'll start counting, ready to disclose the results at a special event held during GDC in San Francisco on March 17th.

And with very little to separate the nominees in the majority of the 14 categories at the time of writing, every voice counts.

So make yours heard and we'll ensure we get you in the post-credits celebration scene.*

*Figuratively speaking.