It's going to be a sword this time, I know it. I am going to whomp Brodie Doyle in the face with my chunky slasher, and he is going to die.

Or it might be a gem. I can spend that in the shop to get tougher.

Oh, it's a skull. I've stabbed myself in the foot. And now I'm dead.

Turn it on

That's basically what happens during a turn in Faif. It's a luck-pushing RPG-puzzler that sees you gambling your hit points to try and take chunks of life off your opponent.

Play takes place on a grid made up of swords, skulls, hearts, and gems. You choose five of these tiles, but the game randomly picks one of them to use in your turn.

If it picks a sword, you do an amount of damage equal to the number of skulls in the rest of your selection. But if it picks a skull, you'll lose a hit point yourself.

Hearts heal you up. Oh, and you can spend gems on spells and other buffs in the store. The more gems you've selected, the more you'll nab if the shiny yellow outline of fate stops on one of them.

The game looks utterly gorgeous, with a papery feel to proceedings that sort of makes it feel like you're shuffling little bits of hand-crafted art around. Then, stabbing yourself with them.

Faif is out right now on the App Store, priced £1.49 / $1.99 [buy]. It's also out on the Google Play Store, priced £1.19 / 99c [buy]. There are none of those controversial IAPs in it, either.