EA and Firemonkeys's Gold Award-winning game Real Racing 3 has been missing one vital element crucial to the owners of fast cars.

Yep, the ability to show off said supercars.

Well, EA and Firemonkeys have addressed this 'oversight' in the game's latest update.

Now, you see, you're able to change the rims, tweak the ride height, and apply vinyls to your car's body to make it stand out.

When you've finished customising your car, you can take pictures of it in Photo Mode and share these images with friends. You Instagram users will love the filters you can apply to these pics, I'm sure.

Real Racing 3

Also in this latest Real Racing 3 update is a fleet of new cars from Aston Martin. The DB9, Vanquish, and V12 Vantage S are all yours for the taking.

There's also a new Vendetta series in the update. In this series, you get to race for a car manufacturer of your choice and compete against all the other constructors.

Lastly, EA and Firemonkeys have added Gold Achievements as extra rewards, and have included iOS 7 controller support for the game.

If you haven't tried Real Racing 3 yet, you can grab it from the App Store [download] or Google Play [download] now for free.

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